To Live

To bed, to bed I now must go
And why, and why? I ask myself
And why must I need rest?
And why can’t I stay up round the clock?
And live, and live, and live, and live!
And live to write! And live to read!
And live to do my family blog!
And live to enjoy baroque, baroque,
And even more baroque!
My soul, my spirit, and my heart,
From deep within me cry all three
We’re free, we’re free, we’re really free!
And why, and why? I ask myself
again and again,
And why did I defy the question once again?
And why must I need rest?
To live! To live! I must reply
To write! To read! To blog!
To enjoy baroque and anything else
the three desire!
That I might die and Me should live!
-Wendy Stevens
12:27 AM.

Totally Free – Totally Me

Over the summer
Of two thousand seven
Something metamorphic-
Really euphoric-
Happened to me-
To know it-to feel it
To be immersed in it-
Totally free-Totally me
At This moment in time
Is truly divine!
  -Wendy Stevens
    11:45 PM.  



An Ever Present Blessing

Where have all the sorrows gone
That ever plagued this heart of mine?
Gone – as far as the east is to the west
Lost in the essence of something divine-
My heart and soul now has a happy rest
Amidst a never ending solitude-
And I in ever endless gratitude
A song of thanks and praise
From deep within my heart do raise-
To the one who died for me!
To the one who set my spirit free!
What I deemed as chance or fate
Was God reaching out to me
Fulfilling a greater destiny-
I yielded to his sacred will
And each day I grow happier still
Amidst this ever present blessing-
Can anyone ever be as blessed as I
Only those who yield unto God’s will.

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