If Only You Were Here Right Now!

If only you were here right now
And I could see you smile awhile
How happy I would be-
Grandmother and Granddaughter
Embracing again
Sharing a special moment in time-
Yes, oh yes, how happy I would be!

John and Grandma Ingersoll May 31, 1942 At Laura’s 

May 1 1942 Grandma

Grandma Ingersoll, Uncle Charlie Fash, Aunt Laura Wolf 1919 


Grandma Ingersoll in 1977 At Aunt Laura’s Apartment


Grandma Ingersoll, John, and Aunt Laura Taken Oct. 23, 1949 At  CMR-126 Crost Rd. Peoria Ill. 

Oct. 23 1949 At CMR-126 Crost Rd. Peoria Ill.  

 Betty Lois Howard “Mom” and Grandma Ingersoll 1900 7th In Peoria Illinois Oct. 27 1952  

Oct. 27 1952  

Wendy, Debby, and Jennifer Howard, Grandma Ingersoll November 2, 1968 

Nov. 2 1968

Jesse Lagree, Aunt Laura, Grandma Losche, Grandma Ingersoll


GG Aunt Laura Wolf, Cousin Irma Habecker Berger, GGG Aunt Louise Matthison, G Grandma Ingersoll Sept. 2 1926 At Aunt Suzie’s In Morton, Illinois

Aunt Lou Aunt Laura Irma Grandma Ingersoll  





I Believe!

The Old Family Bible


Without any logic or common sense,
Without any pre-concieved thoughts,
Without any notions or hidden agendas,
Without a bible or church doctrine to go by,
Without any tv preacher or radio ministry,
I called out to the unknown God-
When you have nothing too lose
And nothing to live for, why not?
Are you real or just some fairytale
Written of so long ago and told of
By millions throughout the ages?
Give me liberty or give me death!
This was my plea that stormy night,
As you can see I am still hear today,
Why don’t you try it and see what happens?
-Wendy Stevens

How Wonderful To Reminisce

John C. Ingersoll and Grandma Ingersoll

Grandma and John016 

GG Aunt Laura Wolf and GGG Aunt Elizabeth


Cousin Irma E. Habecker Berger 

Irma Berger051 

 G Grandma Ingersoll, Unknown, Grandma Losche, Unknown


How wonderful to be alive!
How wonderful to reminisce!
Beautiful thoughts of yesterday
Of Grandma, Aunt Laura and all the rest
Now flood my heart and mind
And I am filled with happiness.
I do not mourn that they are gone
But thank the Lord in heaven above
That I had them in my life at all
If only for a little while.
     -Wendy Stevens

Love Always

Grandma Blanche Willis and GG Aunt Laura Wolf 1929


GGG Aunt Elizabeth Reich and GG Aunt Laura Wolf


GG Aunt Laura Wolf and GGG Aunt Elizabeth Reich 


GG Aunt Laura Wolf and Grandma Blanche Willis


GG Aunt Laura Wolf, G Grandma Elizabeth Ingersoll, and Betty Schafer


My Dad Russell Howard, Debby Howard, Wendy and Grandpa Willis   


Even though they’re gone

The memory of my family

Still lingers in my mind

And I wouldn’t trade That

For all the gold in Fort Knox

For all the tea in China

For all the diamonds in Africa

For even their memory

Is worth far more to me

Than the greatest treasure

The world has to offer.

-Wendy Stevens


I Love You Grandma

WEndy Debby Jenny Grandma Ingersoll198

Birthday card014

How many children have ever wanted to live with grandma over the years? I was no exception to the rule. I begged mom to let me live with grandma. “What are you nuts?” she shouted at me. No I wasn’t, but I love grandma so much I would’ve given my heart and soul to have been with her. There wasn’t a finer grandma anywhere. Grandma was by no means a pauper, yet she wasn’t wealthy either. She enjoyed a comfortable living. She was older when I first came to know her and she had never learned to drive so when I spent the night with her we never went anywhere. She never showered me with any lavish gifts, though she did give me things from time to time. Money and presents at Christmas or on my birthday. We had moved away so most of the time there was a card with twenty-five or thirty dollars in it so I could get myself something. I still have three of those cards today and I assure you they are worth more to me than a pot of gold. Of all the things she gave me it was her laughter, her smile and her love I treasured most of all. When I would spend the night she would pull out the old roll away bed for me to sleep on. It was the best bed I ever laid me down to sleep upon. I learned a very valuable thing from my grandmother, “It is better to sleep in a shack or even a car with someone who loves you than to sleep in a palace where love does not abound.” If you find the monies a little slack and things could be a bit better be thankful, oh be very thankful if you are with someone who loves you.

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