A Matter Of The Heart

In July of 2007, at the ripe old age of 44, when most women are getting tummy tucks and face lifts in an effort to recapture some lost youth there was a great miracle that took place in my life. At first I didn’t know what was happening. Then one day I realized it was a rebirth of sorts and I was feeling four years old all over again. I lost weight, and I felt great. I was flying higher than a kite, light on my feet, floating on cloud nine, no tummy tucks or face lifts for me I didn’t need it. Then in December of 2007, my mom who is well up in years began thinking of the future she would not see and the future that was yet to be for her daughters. She began getting her things in order and taking care of important things. Mom didn’t want us to have to come behind and clean up her mess. She began giving me old family photos, memorabilia, and other things of greater importance than silver and gold. As I began going through the photos I became overwhelmed with emotion. Tears of great joy began streaming down my face. How blessed I was to be a part of this wonderful family! Aside from my two grandmothers, my two grandfathers, and Aunt Laura I never knew any of the rest of the family. They had passed long before I came into the world. If only I could have known them! Just what could I do to show my love and gratitude. Then one day while trying to check my gmail I found blogger and discovered the wonderful world of blogging. Since then I have been surfing the web, talking to mom, doing everything I can to preserve our wonderful family heritage and build a lasting tribute to my ancestors. This Blog is all about my Illinois ancestors. The Fash’s, The Schafer’s, and The Howard’s. I hope you enjoy my blog. If you are family please feel free to contribute any family history and other information you have I welcome it. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!       

                                                  Thanks Wendy

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