In Memory Of Betty L. Larkin 8/15/30 – 4/24/11

Betty Lois Larkin was born on August 15th 1930 in Peoria, Illinois.The daughter of Blanche Edith Conner and Robert James Willis. She grew up in Peoria and at an early age began attending dance classes. Even at the age of 80 mom could still remember her dance teachers name, Rose Dentino. Mom was also a very good organ player. She took Piano classes when she was a girl but didn't like it preferring instead the organ she taught herself to play. Mom started working at age 14. She worked in various factories and later became a hostess at the Pere Marquette Hotel. She married Russell Lee Howard and they had three daughters Wendy, Debby, and Jennifer. All of the family were expert carpenters and Betty was no Exception. She and Russell and several family members worked together to build the house they were to live with their three daughters. Russell passed away and Betty married Arthur Vernon Larkin. They moved from Peoria,  first to Deming NM., and 2 years later to Bushnell, Fl. In 2009 Betty was baptized and became a member of Mt. Zion Primitive Baptist Church. During this time she began reading the Bible and Praying. She would sit on the front porch and in the light of the sun would read the Sunday School Lessons over and over again. Mom I miss you.


Betty Willis


Betty Willis in a beauty pageant 2 years old


Betty Willis with the Morning Glories Ballet Dance


Betty in her dance costumes

Betty Willis with her wagon her mom won for her.


Betty Willis in her snow suit grandma Ingersoll made for her.

Betty in her snow suite

Robert and Blanche Willis mom’s parents

Robert and Blanche

Mom and her mother Blanche Loesche


Mom and Her Dad Robert Willis


Mom and her grandparents Charles and Margaret Conner in Farmington, Illinois


Mom and her first husband Russell Howard




The house my parents built on Knott Lane in Peoria, Il. Mom worked on it during the day. Sometimes Aunt Laura and Uncle Harry would come over and help. Dad always helped nights and weekends.

Dad and Uncle Harry

Betty Howard and her three daughters Wendy, Jenny, and Debby

Wendy's pictures 027

 Donald Elisha Mom's Favorite Boss

Mom and her second husband Arthur Larkin



Mom, Jenny, Debby, Grandma Ingersoll, and Wendy

Mom, Grandma Us143

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