My GG Aunt Laura Pearl Fash Wolf

Laura Pearl Fash was born in 1893


Laura Age 7


1909 Peoria, Illinois


Laura at The Park in California While Visiting Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Otto Reich 1912


Laura 1912


GGG Aunt Louise Schafer Matthison, Cousin Amelia Miller, And GG Aunt Laura Wolf


GG Aunt Laura 1930 Los Angeles California



Laura 1935


GG Aunt Laura taken the last week of May In 1937 after coming back from California with Aunt Elizabeth Reich


Laura 1937


Laura In The Fall Of 1938


Laura May Of 1938


Taken in Early Fall Soon After Harry And Laura Got This Place


GG Aunt Laura In 1940


As I look at these photos of Aunt Laura I think of how beautiful she was and I can only hope to be so beautiful.



Laura I can only hope you and Grandma knew just how much I love you.


Aunt Laura 1941


GG Aunt Laura a flower of perfection
In a garden of weeds
How beautiful and then…
How cherished too
The thoughts in my head
When I remember you.


On Roben Washing Rd. 1948 and beautiful still


I’m looking at Aunt Laura’s picture. I’m reminded of a time she came to visit when I was four years old. There she was that old woman that used to pinch our little cheeks and give us a great big smack-u-roo. “Quick!” I yelled to my sister Debby. “Run and hide!” We both scurried to our room she in the closet and I under the bed. It was no use Aunt Laura found us. How I wish she were here to do that now. Instead of running to hide I would run to greet her and live in the moment so precious. I can only hope she knew how much I really loved her. Something was different this time someone was with her. Someone I’d never met before. It was Grandma Ingersoll. It was the beginning of something wonderful, awesome, splendid, fantabulous, marvelous, fantastic, beautiful, grand, and a host of other words I don’t have time to write. Then came the spending nights at grandma’s house, the letters and phone calls. She was without question the best. Though I was only a little girl I had a great big heart. I’ll never forget the time my heart told me to write grandma a letter. I sat down at the kitchen table. Pencil and paper in hand I wrote – Grandma I love you. Grandma you’re wonderful. I can’t wait to spend the night. My heart told me something was missing. I had a nickle I’d been saving for something special. I taped it to the letter and told her to buy herself something. I wonder what you could buy with that. You can’t buy anything with that these days, but maybe in the sixties you could get a piece of candy or gum with it. Laura and grandma kept so many things I wish I could have found that letter. How I wish Grandma and Laura were here

GG Aunt Laura and her Cousin Irma Habecker Berger while hiking with G Grandma Grandma’s son Robert.


GG Aunt Laura and Grandma Willis”Blanche Conner”



Grandma and Aunt Laura never drove which was a common thing in those days. Mostly the men did all the driving. Except in Grandma Losche’s case. She was married to Elizabeth’s son Robert. She would drive Grandma And Aunt Laura around in Harry’s dodge while he was at work. Looks like they had a lot of fun together. I wish I could have been with them. Would to God I had known them when they were young and full of life! To have laughed with them! Cried with them! To have gone hiking to see Robert. To have been with them at Christmas, family dinners and get-togethers. It seems the time I had with them was too little too late.

GG Aunt Laura, Betty Lois Willis, and GG Uncle Harry Wolf 1930


GG Aunt Laura and Betty Lois Willis 11 months old just learning to walk.


Betty Lois and Aunt Laura in Harry’s old Dodge at Grandma and Grandpa Fash’s Place 410 W. Ayers Oct. 25, 1930


Harry’s Uncle Lou and Aunt Lucy, Harry and Laura Wolf and Grandma Ingersoll.


July of 1938 Aunt Lucy, Aunt Laura, Grandma Ingersoll


GG Uncle Harry And GG Aunt Laura in the yard of their first home in 1911.


Harry Lester And Laura Pearl Wolf 1916


This is Uncle Harry and Aunt Laura in 1931 at the cabin they helped Grandpa Fash build.


A beautiful couple on their Silver Wedding Anniversary


This a picture of my GG Aunt Laura and Uncle Harry Wolf in Dec. 22, 1935 on their Silver Wedding Anniversary. Aunt Laura with her brown hair and eyes, and her wine colored dress was certainly the picture of a beautiful woman. Uncle Harry in his blue suit was a handsome gentleman. Aunt Laura and Uncle Harry were married in 1910 Aunt Laura was 17 and uncle Harry was 21. The two of them were happily married for many years. Uncle Harry certainly loved Aunt Laura and I can see why she was beautiful outside and inside. He treated her like a queen and called her his little dolly and she treated him like a king. Too bad there aren’t more marriages like theirs. I can only wish that mine had been so wonderful.

Uncle Harry And Aunt Laura On their Golden Wedding Anniversary Dec.


GG Aunt Laura and GG Uncle Harry May 31, 1942 the last Sunday they lived out there


Aunt Laura and Uncle Harry in 1947 when Harry’s folks came to visit


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