The Conner and Mulligan Families

I’m currently researching the Conners and Mulligans from Coal Valley and Farmington, Illinois. This is the only info I have. Most of the men worked in the coal mines in and around Coal Valley and Farmington.

Charles Conner and Margaret Mulligan married and had these children

Mert Conner and his wife Kate had a least one daughter June.

Blanche Edith Conner married Robert James Willis and had one daughter Betty Lois Willis. After a divorce Blanche married Carl G. Losche with whom she remained married until her death.

Edward Conner dated when younger and had a bad experience. After that he never dated, married or had children.

Francis Conner I don’t have her husband’s name possibly two children Faye and Howard Proctor.

Eliza Conner Anderson I don’t have her husband’s name one son Harold Anderson.

Florence Conner Married to John McMahan. They had a son Edward McMahan married to Maxine and their children Margo and Mike.

Obituary Of Eliza Conner Anderson

Obituary of Harold Anderson

My G Grandpa Charles Conner, My grandma Blanche Conner and My G Grandmother Margaret Mulligan Conner


My G Grandpa Conner, My Mom Betty Lois Willis and G Grandma Conner


My G Grandmother Margaret Mulligan Conner


My Grandmother Blanche Edith Conner







My Uncle Grandma’s Brother Edward Conner


These are Various Pictures I found in with the Conner’s but I am not sure who they are.









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  1. Hello, Uncle Collie and Aunt Blanche were very very dear to me. They allowed me to call them Grandma and Grandpa because my grandparents were passed away before I was born. My father was Lawrence Aberle. I spent many a day with collie and blanche. Can remember going in the basement and checking on the cabbage in the barrels. I miss these two wonderful people. Thanks for posting. Pam

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