If only you were here right now
And I could see you smile awhile
How happy I would be-
Grandmother and Granddaughter
Embracing again
Sharing a special moment in time-
Yes, oh yes, how happy I would be!

John and Grandma Ingersoll May 31, 1942 At Laura’s 

May 1 1942 Grandma

Grandma Ingersoll, Uncle Charlie Fash, Aunt Laura Wolf 1919 


Grandma Ingersoll in 1977 At Aunt Laura’s Apartment


Grandma Ingersoll, John, and Aunt Laura Taken Oct. 23, 1949 At  CMR-126 Crost Rd. Peoria Ill. 

Oct. 23 1949 At CMR-126 Crost Rd. Peoria Ill.  

 Betty Lois Howard “Mom” and Grandma Ingersoll 1900 7th In Peoria Illinois Oct. 27 1952  

Oct. 27 1952  

Wendy, Debby, and Jennifer Howard, Grandma Ingersoll November 2, 1968 

Nov. 2 1968

Jesse Lagree, Aunt Laura, Grandma Losche, Grandma Ingersoll


GG Aunt Laura Wolf, Cousin Irma Habecker Berger, GGG Aunt Louise Matthison, G Grandma Ingersoll Sept. 2 1926 At Aunt Suzie’s In Morton, Illinois

Aunt Lou Aunt Laura Irma Grandma Ingersoll