Grandma and Grandpa Carl and Blanche Loesche

Carl G. Loesche and Blanche Edith Conner

Grandpa Loesche was your typical hardworking, gardening, hunting , fishing, eating raw hamburger, beer drinking, German kinda guy. Grandma Loesche Blanche Conner was your typical cabbage and corned beef, beer drinking, let’s all turn on the old radio and listen to the Cardinals game Irish kinda gal. They made a great pair. Grandpa Loesche was a kind and caring man. Grandma Loesche was kind in her own way and I never once doubted that she loved me or my two sisters. However, I will say I don’t have to wonder where mom gets her lovely and very spunky personality from. We had many happy times together. We took many trips in their old 3 speed on the column station wagon. My favorite trips were to Farmington, Il. to see aunt Florence. Wow could she cook and she always had cookies for us. What can I say Grandma and Grandpa I love You! I miss You!


Blanche Loesche

Carl G. Loesche Mom Always called him pop while others called him Collie.

Mom “Betty Howard” and Grandpa

Grandpa’s Hunting Guns

Grandpa’s Hunting Dog “Queen”

Grandpa Loesche, Debby and Wendy

Grandma Loesche and Wendy

Grandpa and Wendy

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