These Are Pictures Of Me With My Family. The People I Love And Cherish. Me With All My Childish Heart Not A Care In The World So Happy And Free, And Thanks To God I Still Am Today!

Wendy, Grandma Ingersoll, Debby, Jenny, And Aunt Laura Wolf At The Sterling Towers Peoria, Il.


Aunt Laura Is Seen Here In A Dress Which She Made Herself To Wear On Gold Rush Day In Wickenburg Arizona.

Laura 172

Pile Up On The Best Grandma In The World!.

Grandma Ingersoll, Debby, Jenny, and Wendy204

Debby, Jenny, Aunt Laura And Wendy.

Aunt Laura and us137

Grandma Ingersoll, Wendy, Debby, Aunt Laura, and Jenny.

Aunt Laura, Grandma Us142

Aunt Laura, Debby, Jenny, Grandma Ingersoll, And Wendy.

Grandma Ingersoll, Aunt Laura and us136

Wendy, Betty, Jenny, “Grandma What A Nice Smile!” And Debby.

Grandma Ingersoll and us135

Great Aunt Laura Wolf And Jenny Howard At Our Home On Knott Lane Peoria Illinois July 1967.

Laura and Jenny147

Wendy, Grandma Ingersoll, Jenny And Debby On Christmas Day 1969.

WEndy Debby Jenny Grandma Ingersoll198

Betty Marvin And Her Daughter Kathy Over To Visit Betty’s Newborn Wendy Nov. 1962.

Betty Marvin

Tiny Marvin And Wendy Howard Nov. 1962.

Tiny Marvin And Wendy269

Grandpa Willis And Wendy November 1962.

Wendy 258

Grandma Losche And Wendy The Day The Brought Me Home From The Hospital.

Wendy 260


Wendy Howard And Uncle Eddy Conner Grandma Losche’s Brother.

Uncle Eddy254

Russell And Wendy Howard At Our Home On Knott Lane.


Wendy, Debby And Grandma Losche.


Betty And Wendy 1963.

WEndy and mom

Betty and Wendy235

Wendy Lee Howard.



I attended Woodrow Wilson school in the 60’s. My first grade teacher was Mrs. Jett who I might add was a fantastic teacher. Someone in the school system got the brilliant idea that all the students should watch a video on the dangers of smoking. Everyone including the first graders were taken to the gym to watch it. Imagine showing something like that to first graders. That afternoon the words echoed in my heart mom and dad are going to die. Not to worry if anyone could come up with a brilliant plan it was me. Debby and I discussed my plan on the way home. Debby was ever ready to help me in my schemes. As soon as we got off the bus we sprung into action grabbing all the cigarettes and putting them in the bottom of the kitchen garbage can. they’ll never find them there. Imagine what happened when mom and dad went for a smoke, and found none. Eventually the truth came out about the movie at school. Don’t you know we never did that again.

Grandpa Willis, Debby, Wendy, And A Very Pregnant Mom Betty Howard.


G Aunt Laura, Debby, Wendy, And Grandpa Willis.

Debby And Wendy194

Wendy And Debby At Irma’s In Morton Illinois.

Debby And Wendy192

Wendy Lee And Debby Sue Howard.

Debby and Wendy Oct 66208

Wendy, Grandpa Willis, Debby, And G Aunt Laura Morton, Illinois.

Grandpa Willis Aunt Laura253

Grandpa Willis, Cousin Irma Habecker Berger, Wendy, and Debby.

Grandpa Willis Aunt Irma252

Cousin Irma Berger, G Aunt Laura Wolf, Debby And Wendy Howard At Irma’s Home In Morton Illinois..

Cousin Irma Aunt Laura Debby and Wendy202

Russell, Debby, Wendy Howard, And Grandpa Willis At Our Home In Peoria Illinois On Knott Lane.


Grandpa Willis, Debby Howard, Grandpa Losche, Wendy Howard, Grandma Losche, And Aunt Laura At My 4th Birthday Party “Me And My Great Big 4 Year Old Heart”.

Wendy's 4th birthday 180

Debby and Wendy Howard.

Debby and Wendy255

Deborah Sue, Wendy Lee, Betty Lois, And Jennifer Lynn Howard Our New Little Sister.

WEndy Debby Jenny and Mom199

Wendy Lee And Jennifer Lynn Howard.

Wendy And Jenny206

This picture reminds me of the time I was complaining to mom about my hair. I never liked my hair in my face and I told mom she needed to do something with it. As time went by and nothing happened I grew more and more impatient. With me being the oldest and the brains of the outfit it was up to me to come up with a brilliant plan and I did. I told Debby she could cut my hair and then I would cut her’s. So one morning while mom was fast asleep we rose early and whacked on one another’s hair. You can only imagine how I looked in my first grade school picture. Then what’s worse we decided to cut little sister’s hair too. We walked right past the bed where mom was sleeping over to the crib and began cutting Jennifer’s hair. She hardly had any and mom would tape a little pink bow in it so people would stop saying “Oh what a cute little boy.” Imagine how mom felt when she woke up and got the baby out of the crib and then she saw Debby and I. I don’t have to tell you what happened next I’m sure you can figure that out. OOOUUUCH!!

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