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How many children have ever wanted to live with grandma over the years? I was no exception to the rule. I begged mom to let me live with grandma. “What are you nuts?” she shouted at me. No I wasn’t, but I love grandma so much I would’ve given my heart and soul to have been with her. There wasn’t a finer grandma anywhere. Grandma was by no means a pauper, yet she wasn’t wealthy either. She enjoyed a comfortable living. She was older when I first came to know her and she had never learned to drive so when I spent the night with her we never went anywhere. She never showered me with any lavish gifts, though she did give me things from time to time. Money and presents at Christmas or on my birthday. We had moved away so most of the time there was a card with twenty-five or thirty dollars in it so I could get myself something. I still have three of those cards today and I assure you they are worth more to me than a pot of gold. Of all the things she gave me it was her laughter, her smile and her love I treasured most of all. When I would spend the night she would pull out the old roll away bed for me to sleep on. It was the best bed I ever laid me down to sleep upon. I learned a very valuable thing from my grandmother, “It is better to sleep in a shack or even a car with someone who loves you than to sleep in a palace where love does not abound.” If you find the monies a little slack and things could be a bit better be thankful, oh be very thankful if you are with someone who loves you.