My Dad’s Family

Jon Thingstad

G Grandma and Grandpa John and Anna Fremstad on their wedding day.


The Fremstads and Maren

Maren and her husband Harold

My Grandma Howard’s sisters Hannah, Maren, Jennie Alvina, and her father John Fremstad

 My Grandmother Jennie Alvina Fremstad Howard

Grandma Howard001

Grandpa and Grandma Charles and Bell Howard

Charles and Belle Howard

My Aunt Marion Howard, Cousin Anne, My Dad Russell “Rusty” Lee Howard and my Uncle Lyle Howard

With Cousin Anne

Grandma and Grandpa Howard, Betty and Russell Howard, Lyle Howard, Aunt Marion and Uncle Walter Roth, and My cousin’s Nora Lee and Billy

The Clan

FRONT: Betty Lois Howard, Billy Roth, Delmar Lee Howard, Russell Lee Howard.
BACK: Josephine Howard, Nora Lee, Marion and Walter Roth.


Sitting on the footstool is my cousin Billy Roth, standing next to the chair is Walter Roth’s mother, My grandpa Delmar Howard is sitting in the chair, next to him is my dad Russell Lee Howard, in back is Jo Howard my dad’s stepmother, Cousin Nora Lee, Aunt Marion and Uncle walter Roth.


Aunt Marion, Grandma Jennie Alvina, Grandpa Delmar, Russell Lee, and Uncle Lyle

Grandpa Howard, Unknown, Unknown

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