I’m going through family photos and scanning them into my computer, and working on this blog doing what I can to preserve my family’s heritage. I have so many fond memories. I’d like to pass them on to my children, grandchildren and other family members. Tonight as I’m working I’m thinking about the time grandma wanted to get us girls something, I think it was for Christmas. I wanted a cassette player. I recorded so many of my favorite tunes, but of all the things I never recorded, how I wish I had recorded grandma’s voice and Laura’s too! Teenagers just don’t think of those things. My Aunt Laura was a budding photographer always taking pictures. Grandma and Aunt Laura always kept everything. Thank God for that. I have so many pictures and they kept diaries too! I’ll be scanning those too. We have so many things now we didn’t have in those days. Video camera’s, DVD’s, computers, and digital photography. Parents let’s get to it and start preserving some memories and little pieces of our heritage for our children. Someday when they are older and wiser they will appreciate it. Trust me I’m now 45 years of age and I know it or I wouldn’t be doing this blog.

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