My Great, Great Grandfather Thomas Henry Fash and My Great, Great Grandmother Anna Margaret Schafer were married on Dec. the 5th 1889 in Morton Illinois. The witness were Valentin Schafer which I  believe was Grandma Fash’s Grandfather, and Magdal Moshel. The Minister was G Loeffler from the evangelical Lutheran church. My German ancestors were members of that church,

Evangelische Lutherische Zions Gemeinde, unfern.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Congregation near Washington, Ill.

The Church was officially called German Evangelical Lutheran Zions Church, “St.  Zions”. According to what information we have the church was disbanded in 1912. My Family on the Fash side happened to be Lutheran too. At one time they were members of the High Evangelical Dutch Lutheran church.

Great, Great Grandma And Grandpa Fash’s Wedding Certificate

marriage cert

Laura, Anna, Charlie, Thomas, And Elizabeth Fash Dec. 29, 1909


From Left To Right:

Great, Great Anna Margaret Schafer Fash, Great Grandma Elizabeth Ann Fash Willis Ingersoll, John C. Ingersoll, Grandpa Robert James Willis, Grandma Blanche Connor Willis, Great Uncle Harry Lester Wolf, Laura Pearl Fash Wolf, Great Aunt Laura Pearl Fash Wolf, Betty Lois Willis “Mom”, Uncle Jack Fash, Great Great Grandpa Thomas H. “Bud” Fash Descendant Of Daniel Fash II.

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Hello my name is Wendy Howard Stevens I am dedicating this blog to the memory of my Great Aunt Laura Pearl Fash Wolf and her sister my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Ann Fash Willis Ingersoll.The  Fash’s were descendants of Daniel Fash the II. They were of dutch ancestry. I’m not sure when they came to America from the Netherlands. If my history is correct they setteled in New York. Daniel became Ill and left New York in search of a warmer climate. He settled in Peoria Illinois. Peoria was a wilderness when  he first settled there. He later sent for his wife, Phoebe Campbell Fash and their children. If I’m correct Daniel passed away while his wife and children were traveling to join him. My Great Grandpa Fash was one of Daniel’s Grandsons. My Grandfather was a carpenter and builder by trade. I never had the opportunity to meet him as he died before I was born. The Fash side of my family did a wonderful job of passing down stories, historical documents, newspaper articles, even antique furniture. I know a lot about them. I would like to know more about the Schafer’s. They were from Indiana, but I don’t know what part. Some of them stayed in Indiana while others settled in around the Washington Illinois area Please scroll down the page as from time to time as information becomes available. I will be posting pictures, articles, other information, and personal  reflections about them. If you knew them, may be a relative, or just checking my blog out please feel free to post or email me I would like to hear from you.

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  1. Hi cousin, I love your photos of the Fash family on your blog, especially the middle photo above of Thomas and Elizabeth Fash and children. I am descended from Michael Fash, 1750-1794, and Elizabeth Sowers, 1753-1823. Thomas Henry (Bud) Fash is my 3rd cousin 1x removed. I can see the family resemblance.
    Richard Alan Fash

    • Hi Richard, so glad to hear from you. Glad you like the photos. Wanted to share them with family and honor their memory. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas!

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