Great Grandma Fash And Her Mother And Aunt

Great, Great Grandma Anna Margaret Schafer Fash when she was young

Grandma Fash076

Grandma Fash075

I don’t know who the first woman in the above photo is but the second is my Great, Great, Grandmother Anna Margaret Schafer, Fash. The Schafer’s were of German descent, possibly from Austria. The schafer’s were from Indiana. My mom Betty knew all of Grandma Fash’s sisters. Grandma Fash’s Parents were Conrad and Barbara Oertle Schafer.

Grandma Fash

Cousin Irma Habecker Berger, Great, Great Grandma Fash, Great Grandma Ingersoll, And Great Aunt Laura Wolf

Foolin Around

It seems that while the men were at work the girls put on their clothes and took a picture. They used to not have television and all the things we have today to entertain ourselves. People had to make their own entertainment. It was all in good fun.

Great Grandma Ingersoll And Her Mother Our Great, Great Grandmother Anna Margaret Schafer Fash Peoria Illinois in 1929

Grandma Ingersoll249

Grandma Ingersoll, Grandma Fash “Mama”, And Aunt Laura 1930

Elizabeth Mama Laura148

Schafer Grandparents


GGG Grandma Barbara Oertle Schafer “ Grandma Fash’s Mother 1928 If I’m Correct The Oertle’s Were From Switzerland

Grandma Schafer

Great, Great, Great Aunt Seidel And Great Great Great Grandma Schafer “Sisters From The Old Country” Taken At Aunt Seidel’s House In Morton Ill.

GGG Aunt Seidel  GGG Grandma Schafer

1928 Morton, Illinois

Grandma Schafer Aunt Seidel 1

1927 In Indiana

Aunt Seidel Grandma Schafer

John Oertle My GG Grandma Fash’s Uncle

Aunt Laura And Grandma Schafer At Clark Ave.

Laura Pearl and  Grandma Schafer159

Amelia Miller Wolf Grandma Fash’s Cousin

Amelia Miller Wolf Mamas cousin117

Amelia Miller Wolf119

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