Grandma Ingersoll And Great Aunt Laura

G Grandma Elizabeth Ann Fash Willis Ingersoll and GG Aunt Laura Pearl Wolf In Peoria, Ill. 1929 out with Grandma Blanche Connor Willis having fun.

Aunt  Laura And Grandma

Grandma and Aunt Laura how I loved those two.
If they were here right now
I would wrap my great big heart around them
And never let them go!

At Betty’s house on Knott Lane in Peoria, Il.  

Gand A

At Grandma’s house 1900 seventh ave. Peoria, Il.

Elizabeth and Laura273

At Morton, Il.

Laura and Elizabeth Fash015

Aunt Laura never knew any strangers. She would talk to anyone she met on the street as if she’d known them all her life. One such family were the Whittakers from Leadore, Idaho. She was especially fond of their daughter Fawn and spoke of her often. She never had any of her own children, not that she and uncle Harry didn’t try. Aunt Laura was outgoing and loved by many. I was her greatest admirer. Aunt Laura took after her father and was quite the carpenter. She was small in stature. I still have the little wooden stool she made to help her reach the things she couldn’t. I think the children at school picked on her. She quit school in the fourth grade and stayed home to help Mama around the house. She loved to travel especially to California to visit Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Otto. Her favorite place was Arizona where she spent much time with her husband Harry. She would often get the urge to take a trip, but she would always return home to Peoria and the sister she loved so dearly. She loved the Lord and spent a lot of time attending bible studies held at the dining hall of the sterling towers where she lived. She had her favorite preachers Billy Graham, Jerry Fallwell, and Richard Dehann on Day of Discovery. After her death while cleaning out her apartment we discovered a box of rocks she had collected during her travels. They are mine now and are worth more to me than a pot of gold.
I never knew Uncle Charlie he died young never having married. Grandma and Aunt Laura never talked about him much perhaps it was too painful. He being the only male heir the Fash name was not carried on. Grandpa Fash had at least one brother I hope the family name was carried on through him.
Grandmother lived some fifty years in the house Papa helped build on nineteen-hundred Seventh Street. She was gentle and sweet. She rose early in the morning just like she had when she was on the farm with Papa and Mama. Every morning she would wind the old clock which would chime once every half hour. Then on the hour ding, ding, ding, ding, it’s four o’clock. I wondered how she slept at night with all the noise it made. She always ate a great big breakfast. She would listen to her favorite radio programs while eating breakfast. She liked Paul Harvey. She loved to watch Lawrence Welk, Charlie Brown, and wild kingdom on TV. I remember her laughter and smile, home baked cookies, tapioca pudding and Thompson white seedless grapes. She always carried a tissue in her apron. She would never touch door knobs and things unless she had that tissue in her hand. As she washed the dishes she would boil a kettle of water. She would put the washed dishes in a pan and pour the boiling water over them. She would pull them out of the pan and dry them and when she was finished her hands would be nice and red. Her dishes were always clean. Her basement was filled with the things she canned, vegetables, homemade jams, and preserves. She loved flowers and had a porch full of them. She had trouble walking and used a four prong cane to get around, but let the phone ring and she would forget that she couldn’t walk and the cane would be swinging in the air as she ran to get the phone. She and Laura would talk on the phone several times a day especially before retiring at night to make sure the other was all right. I loved her so much I once begged my mom to let me live with her. Once we went to the fair with Aunt Laura and Grandma she wanted to get on a ride and the guy said, Lady are you crazy I can’t let you get on this ride. You’re too old and something might happen to you. But I wan’t to ride grandma argued. Alright lady I’ll let you ride if I can take your picture.  gma on The Fury
How I miss them Grandma and Aunt Laura! They taught me the things I live by today. Make your life count for something more than the houses you own, the cars you drive, or your bank account. Work hard, pray hard, live a clean, simple, and pure life. Be content with such things as you have. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Enjoy precious moments with family and friends.

Grandma Ingersoll’s basement 1900 7th peoria, IL.


Aunt Laura at the dining hall of the Sterling Towers Peoria, Il.

Laura dining hall sterling towers174

sterling towers175

Aunt Laura spent the last years of her life living at the sterling towers. It was an apartment complex for older folks. They could get a little help while still retaining some of their independence. They had a fellowship hall downstairs where they had dinners and other activities for the residents. My Aunt was a bible toting, bible believing Christian. She was always attending bible studies in the hall and she had her favorite TV. Preachers. People said she should have been a preacher. Aunt Laura wasn’t just some prattling old fool. I listened when she talked about the Lord. She modeled good behavior for me. I was watching and I learned a lot of things from her. I’m close to the Lord too and I think that’s why I feel so close to her. Since this site is dedicated in Aunt Laura’s and Grandma’s memory I know They would want me to put some scriptures in here and say some things about the Lord. Laura I loved you and Grandma too! I’ll see you in heaven. Wendy

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