Grandma Fash’s Sisters

Elizabeth married to Otto Reich
Emma married to George Sand
Suzie married to John Habecker
Louise married Big Boy Mathison

Elizabeth Schafer Reich


Elizabeth and her husband Otto Reich

Elizabeth and Otto Reich116

This is Otto Reich’s place in Deer Creek, Il. before the storm in 1908.

After the storm in 1908.

O. H. Reich after the storm march 21 1908

GGG great aunt Elizabeth and GG aunt Laura Wolf 1937

Aunt Elizabeth and Laura Wolf

GG Uncle Harry Wolf, John Ingersoll, GGG Aunt Elizabeth Reich And G Grandma Ingersoll

Aunt Elizabeth and Grandma Ingersoll

G Grandma Elizabeth Ingersoll And GGG Aunt Elizabeth Reich

Great Grandma Elizabeth Ann Ingersoll and G Great Aunt Elizabeth Reich213

GGG Aunt Lou, GG Aunt Laura, GGG Aunt Elizabeth, G Grandma Ingersoll, GGG Aunt Suzie, Cousin Irma Habecker Berger

All The Gals

GG Aunt Laura Wolf And GGG Aunt Louise Schafer Mathison

Aunt Laura Aunt Lou

Laura and Lou144

April 22, 1950

Laura 170

GGG Great Aunt Lou, GG Aunt Laura, G Grandma Ingersoll Wow What A Smile Grandma I Love You!

Great Grandma Elizabeth Ann Ingersoll and G Great Aunt Laura214

GGG Aunt Lou, GGG Aunt Laura, Cousin Irma Habecker Berger, G Grandma Elizabeth Ingersoll

Aunt Lou Aunt Laura Irma Grandma Ingersoll

Loucille and GGG Aunt Lou

Loucille and Aunt Lou118

GGG Aunt Louise Mathison, Betty Lois Willis And Uncle Val’s Chickens In Indiana 1933

Aunt Lou Mathison and Betty Lois Willis177

GGG Uncle Charlie Matthison And Betty Lois Willis In Indiana At Valentin Schafer’s Place

Betty Lois Willis  Ind190

GGG Aunt Lou, Betty Howard, GG Aunt Laura, G Grandma Ingersoll June 1951

Aunt Lou Mom Laura And Grandma

GGG GREAT Aunt Emma Schafer Sand

Aunt Emma 2

GGG Aunt Emma and her husband George Sand

George and Emma Sand122

March 4,1942

Aunt Emma 1

GG Uncle Charlie Fash, GGG Aunt Emma Schafer Sand, And Katherine her daughter

Uncle Charlie and Aunt Elizabeth

Kenneth Sand GGG Aunt Emma’s Son and Betty Willis mom Said that she really liked him.

Mom and Kenneth Sand231

GGG Aunt Suzie Schafer Habecker Dec. 25, 1939 Morton Illinois

Aunt Suzie 1

GGG Aunt Suzie Morton, Il.

Aunt Sue

GG Aunt Laura A Little Older “ Yet A Beauty That Never Fades” GGG Aunt Suzie Morton

Aunt Laura Aunt Suzie 2

Grandma Ingersoll, Aunt Suzie, and Aunt Laura

Grandma  Aunt Laura Aunt Suzie

MY GGG Aunt Elizabeth, GGG Aunt Suzie, GGG Aunt Lou

Aunt Elizabeth Aunt Suzie Aunt Lou

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