Grandpa Fash And His Family

Laura, Elizabeth, and Charlie Fash’s Cousin, Albert Fash

Albert Fash166

Uncle Jack Fash

Jack Fash047

Thomas Henry Fash

Mr T H Fash 22308054

Papa at the railroad120

Thomas Henry Fash And Barbara Oertle Schafer

Papa at the railroad121

GG Grandpa Fash worked for the railroad building the Lake Erie Railroad when he was young and unmarried. GGG Grandma Schafer cooked for all the men who worked on the railroad. She also took in boarders one of whom was my GG Grandpa Fash. This is how he and Anna Schafer met, fell in love and got married. Later Grandpa Fash had a small horse stable. My mom said she used to ride the horses there. Grandma Elizabeth Fash Ingersoll told me she used to work outdoors helping papa around the farm. She milked the cows and such while aunt Laura liked being indoors and helped mama cook breakfast and do other chores around the house.

Grandpa Fash046

Charlie Fash


Elizabeth, Laura, And Papa 1930

Papa's Cabin

This log cabin was built by Aunt Laura, Uncle Harry and Grandpa Fash. Grandpa Fash lived in it after he retired. He lived there by choice not that he didn’t have the means to do otherwise. He wanted to live a simple life on the land owned by his father, and his father before him. My family were people of means but never acted like it. The land had been owned by our family for 125 years. The lock on the cabin was a reproduction, built from memory of one Grandpa Fash saw of a lock made by Abraham Lincoln in New Salem.

Grandma Ingersoll and John Ingersoll, Harry Lester Wolf, GGG Aunt Addie’s Husband, and Grandpa Fash

Papa's Cabin138

GG Aunt Laura Wolf “A Heavenly Smile I Might Add”, GGG Aunt Elizabeth Reich, G Grandma Elizabeth Ingersoll, John Ingersoll, And G Grandpa Thomas H. Fash

Papa's Cabin139

GG Uncle Harry Wolf, GGG Aunt Elizabeth Reich, G Grandma Elizabeth Ingersoll, John Ingersoll, And GG Grandpa Fash

Papa's Cabin140

Grandpa Willis, G Grandma Ingersoll, Betty Lois Willis, GG Uncle Harry Wolf, Grandma Willis, GG Grandpa Fash 

Papa's Cabin205

Henry Schafer, Harry Wolf, Thomas Henry Fash, and Uncle Jack Fash 1930

Grandpa Fash Jack Fash

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