Great, Great, Aunt Addie Fash Rooksby’s Family

Addie Fash

Addie Fash

Addie Fash Rooksby and family

 Addie Fash and Elizabeth Fash


Addie Uncle And Two Of Their Children.


GG Aunt Addie Fash Rooksby’s Husband. We don’t know his name everyone just called him uncle and their children and grandchildren. Aunt Addie was Thomas Fash’s Sister.

This was taken at Uncles 90th birthday party in 1951.
From Left to right:
Shirley, Carl Jay Jr., Bernice, James, Karen, Bobby,
Uncle, Tommy Jo and Judy (Olives Children)

Aunt Addies Children and Husband123

A card from Aunt Addie Fash to Elizabeth



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