John C. Ingersoll

After loosing her first husband my grandmother married John C. Ingersoll to whom she was with the remainder of her life. John Ingersoll lived in the Peoria/Elmwood Il areas. He was a veteran of www1.

John C. Ingersoll



From John to his mother.

These next few photos are friends, relatives, co-workers and army buddies.

John’s Mother and Sister?

John’s Cousin


Schafer Sisters

These are the Schafer Sisters of Illinois and Indiana. Daughter’s of Conrad and Barbara Oertle Schafer. Anna Schafer Fash was my GG grandmother. I hope I got the names in the right places. Feel free to correct me if I got it wrong. Hope you all have a great New Year.

Schafer Sisters

Andrew Jack Fash proprietor and captain steamer of the Peoria Belle

Uncle Jack Fash and his wife Libby are the first two people on the left. The others are unknown to me. Jack Fash was Proprietor and captain of the Peoria Belle steamboat. Recently I found a list of Missouri River Steamboats. It says, Peoria Belle. Sunk in Cheyenne Bend, at the mouth of the Cheyenne, on the upper river, in 1864.

Andrew Jack Fash

Andrew jack Fash2



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